Rules For Sports

*Attention please!!!*

To avoid controversies during indoor and outdoor sports events, following decisions are taken by working committee and sports committee regarding Rules for eligibility of being sports event participants.

1.DFC life membership is compulsory for the participants willing to play indoor individual sports and also for indoor doubles (Badminton/Table tennis)

2.Male cricket team participants must be DFC life membership holders.

3. Little relaxation is given only for Women cricket matches. For ladies cricket, participants who are Doctors (single or married) must be DFC life membership holders and non medico Women players should be those whose spouse is a DFC life membership holder.

4.Rubber sole badminton shoes are compulsory for players as the court is wooden floored.Please Don’t wear other type of shoes for the same

Working committee and Sports committee, Kudal

*Kindly follow the rules*.????

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