Sports Month

Hi to all …???
नोव्हेंबर आणि डिसेंबर महिना म्हणजे DFC मध्ये एकदम उत्साहाचे वातावरण असते. नोव्हेंबर महिन्यात Sports आणि डिसेंबर महिन्यात
cultural programs यामुळे DFC मध्ये एकदम जल्लोषाचे वातावरण असते … ??????????
नुकत्याच झालेल्या मीटिंग मध्ये sports व cultural कमिटी यांची ज्या गोष्टींची चर्चा झाली, त्यानुसार *doors have open for sports and cultural entries*
आपण सर्वजण यात आपल्या busy schedule मधून वेळात वेळ काढून सहभागी होऊया…. आनंदी होऊया.
*काही नियमावली व काही rules* –

1.Every player should be life member of DFC.
If partner ( wife / husband) is non medico, then medico partner should have life membership of DFC.
2. *Last date for sports is 30 October 2018. Plz give entries before that*.
3.Draws will be as per every year.
4.Tennis hard (Heavy) ball whichever company is available will be used for cricket . ( Mostly Khanna Super)
4.All preliminary rounds i.e upto quarterfinal should be played at individual taluka level with each team’s convenience and availability before 2 nd Dec.
5.No quarter final match will be entertained on 2 nd Dec
6. In men’s category, on 2 nd Dec, only 2 semifinal and final will be played as per scheduled time at 8.30 am
7.Team reporting late will be fined as extra 5 runs to opposite team or cut down in allotted overs.
8. No runner is allowed. ( Even for age > 50 yrs )
9. No inter taluka exchange of players are allowed.
10. Teams those are not abiding to rules on 2 nd Dec will be automatically eliminated from the from tournament.
11. In female’s category, if there are more than 4 teams, then kanakawali team will get Bye ( as they are last year winner’s team )
Remaining 4 teams should play semifinal at taluka level before 2 nd Dec
12. On 2 nd Dec, only final of ladies team will be played before final of gents team.
13. If teams are only four, then Kanakawali team has to play semifinal as per draw.

All cricket teams should give their entries before 30 th October

** For indoor sports like Carrom, Badminton, Chess and T.T –
for each taluka – 4 entries are allowed. ( 4 for singles and 4 for doubles. Separate entries for males and females )
Mixed double sports will not be played.

*Following athletic games will be played**

1. 100 meters running – separately for males and females.
2. Long jump – separately for males and females
3. 1 minute skipping – separately for males and females –
4. 50 meters x 4 relay – only for females
5. 50 meters reverse running only for males
6. If there is demand and more than 7 participants are willing , then reverse running can be played by females and relay by males too.

**Please give your Indoor and Outdoor sports entries before 30 october 2018 **

You can give your entries or ask your doubts to following committee members –
*Sports committee* –
*Males* –
1. Dr Sanjiv Akerkar
2. Dr. Jaysinh Raorane
3. Dr. Amogh Chube
4. Dr. Sanjay Kesare
5. Dr. Prashant Madav
6. Dr. Hirlekar
7. Dr. Girish Rane
*Females* –
1. Dr. Veena Kulkarni
2. Dr, Shruti Samant
3. Dr. Gauri Parulekar
4. Dr. Anagha Bordawekar

*In case of any controversies, अंतिम निर्णय त्या त्या कमिटीचा राहील*.
काही बदल / सूचना वेळोवेळी आपणास कळविण्यात येतील.
So be active on what’s app groups too. Plz also communicate the important informations regarding sports and cultural programs to your non what’s app user friends too ???

*अयम् क्रीडा विभागस्य प्रथमोऽध्यायः*


*दुसर्‍या अध्यायासह लवकरच भेटू*.

*Till then, gather the teams and start practicing……. ??????*

*All members of DFC kudal*

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    Excellent meticulous planning and execution …making a digital revolution is an added flavour to it…Keep it up..

  2. Rahul Walavalkar

    Grt going!! Kudal will manage every event very smoothly!!
    All the very best.
    Rahul Walavalkar

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