रोपटे बहरतेय……. डॉ. प्रशांत मडव, जांभवडे

Yes v cheated no doubt abt it .bt it ws necessityy of tht time.धर्माने नरो वा कूंजरोवा म्हटले तर RR team spirit साठी cheating करणे गरजेच होते.Amogh is not regular runner bt is very good sportsman.on3 dcb night he just asked me again about GRM so v finalised the things n planed to run wth gurus bib.since that dy he ws in regular touch wth me .Every day he ws asking me abt diet shoes practise in small period n all.he  bought new Nike shoes on Friday from goa.as it ws nw shoes at night he practised 5km run on 8 dcb.mrng again he called me for anybdy to pick up as he ws alone wth his car.saturdy he called me during packing abt night food n what sort f things to carry at night .Any specific food to carry as chetan is real good cook .4 pm he called me n it ws jst shocking fr me .I ws really depressed cz on behalf of rr i promised hm fr bib n all things.i called harish som n mb .Kp ws in que so asked hm fr spot registration.i called Gb to search fr extra bib if anyone nt interested .Same i ltd to som .Bt nthtnng ws postve.bt still i assured amogh ५.३०  पर्यंत सांगतो होइल काही तरी.my last hopes ws abhi so called hm he ws driving n v planned   that .Even v calculated amogh’s timing n decided to support him fr hydration .त्याच्या आजुबाजुला असणाऱ्यांनी त्याला hydration n  snaks ची  मदत त्याला करायची.अमोघला मी तु निघ म्हणालो त्यावेळचा त्याचा आनंदी tone अवर्णनीयच होता.shantanu suggested us abt wearing GRM tees.tees that ws team spirit .Amogh la mi almost 10 sajara medal ghe mhanalo n v gt it easily.yes v all cheated fr rr spirit .As i ws nt in mood to loss one f hardworking member to get away from us cz f our silly mistake.

Yes  abhi sad bhawana run cha funda wadhatoy gr8 n especially gud fr Raginis as thy all r taking there own desicions n mkng all members active.

Have u all noticed one thing since yesterday on fb

Every person posted phots bt along wth there solo photos each one posted grp phots. Yesss that is  true spirit of rr n v all responsibily trying to maintain that team spirit nw as a team every one started to share there works in team

Chotya n shantanu तुम्ही लावलेल रोपट वाढतय on behalf of our team i promise u both लवकरच ते बहरेल

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  1. Rajshekhar Karlekar

    Good one

  2. somnath parab

    very good saheb.

  3. Dr Prashant Samant

    Mast…..as usual

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