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Rules For Sports

*Attention please!!!* To avoid controversies during indoor and outdoor sports events, following decisions are taken by working committee and sports …

Sports Month

Hi to all …😊🙏🏽 नोव्हेंबर आणि डिसेंबर महिना म्हणजे DFC मध्ये एकदम उत्साहाचे वातावरण असते. नोव्हेंबर महिन्यात Sports आणि डिसेंबर …

माझी marathon सुरूच आहे…… डॉ. जयसिंह रावराणे, कुडाळ.

And at last — hurrrreeey. Finally I took deep breath and exhaled slowly. I am happy. My electronic weighing scale …

रोपटे बहरतेय……. डॉ. प्रशांत मडव, जांभवडे

Yes v cheated no doubt abt it .bt it ws necessityy of tht time.धर्माने नरो वा कूंजरोवा म्हटले तर RR …

नरेंद्र डोंगर भ्रमंती…. डॉ. राजेश नवांगुळ, सावंतवाडी.

आज आपणा सगळ्यांना सांगण्यास अत्यंत आनंद होत आहे की आज नरेंद्र डोंगर भ्रमंतीचे 11 वर्षं पूर्ण झाली , काही अपवाद …

पहिली मॅराथाॅन…….डॉ. किरण पाटणकर, देवगड.

पहिली मॅराथाॅन मि आणी sd ने हाफ मॅरा.या प्रकरणात पडुन अनुभवायच ठरवले ते अक्षरशः Accidently , तत्पुर्वी अनुभवाच्या नावाखाली देवगड …

Stimulus can be very small. ……… Dr. J. A. Raorane, M.D.

Stimulus can be very small. ……… In Rr’s  first meeting;  we had decided many plans out of which one was …

Basic Life Support

DFC's priority project for year 2018 is "Basic Life Support". We are planning pan district BLS Awareness and Training Camps. These will involve college students, fisherman and house wives as well to enable them as life supporters in case of emergency...

रांगणा रनर्स

More Digital Less Paper

And this agenda is not paper, it starts from President's visionary step of developing interactive website to stay connected. Get registered with most vibrant community of Doctor's in Sindhudurga. Dont forget to allow notifications..

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